Poska Resortwear is a luxury resort and beachwear brand and your ultimate travel wardrobe. It was created with a vision to combine east meets west. Poska Resortwear line is all about the details. Every single item is made by hand! We work one-on-one with our tailors to make one of a kind pieces, and whether you want to smolder in the sand or rock city nightlife, each look evokes a conventional style with brand new accents and playful touches.


With a degree in graphic design combined with her love of travel, Sarah Fathy brings the vibrant designs and most luxurious fabrics hand crafted to create the essential getaway outfit in our very first collection. Growing up on the beaches of California and relocating in sun drenched luxury of Dubai, she was inspired by international styles, beauty, sun, and beach. In her journeys, she saw a new opportunity: To revitalize traditional imagery and fabrics, and create something non-traditional in its place.


Following a trip to Egypt, Sarah’s inspiration began from the fabrics and the culture there which sparked this first collaboration. Walking through the bazaars and souks she found herself exploring the light fabrics and traditional Egyptian textile and came up with the idea to combine the two to take the traditional and make it untraditional in the most comfortable, and appealing way for all women and to feel and look their most confident and beautiful before heading out on their next vacation, adventure, or trip to the beach.